Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hefty Shop Update

Good day to you my friends.
I would like to thank you all
for reading and obliging me,
even if only for a short moment of the day.
I do appreciate it.

The Women's Expo was
a success.
I had a ton of fun and sold some goods.
What else can you ask for?

And as it looks,
my marathon pace to complete as many
items as possible by burning the
candle at both ends and sleeping
so little....
was worth it!

But gosh darn it,
I started thinking.
This rampant pace reminded me of
last summer when a full time job and
two farmers' markets of jewelry selling,
really put a damper my life.
I am lucky to have an understanding husband,
but something has to give.

Thanks, Hubby, for putting up with me these last few weeks,
you are the best.

The plan for the summer now, is to make time
to ride my mountain bike, camp, hike,
mushroom hut, cabin,
and whatever else I need to
keep the sails full and my marriage swell.
It sounds executable now,
but I have got to do it.
Work hard and play harder!

Without further banter,
with more to come:

(please see the ETSY listing for details)

Talk soon,

PS. Has anyone heard of Vagazzling (besides Jess or Kmac)?
If you have, email me...


CarolynArtist said...

Nice pieces Kristin, wow you are one busy woman! I really REALLY love the pink ring...and the cuff, all of your items! Did your barrettes (bobbi pins sell?) I love those too. Oh and no to the V dazzling...

Bisquit said...

Thanks for the visit Carolyn :) and your nice compliments on my jewels. I sold some of the bobbi pins with jewels but not all. I am hesitant to put them on ETSY, not sure why? What do you think? I have been making these for about 12 years now, whoa. The Vagazzling is putting jewels, you know where. I just want to know who would do it? It makes me giggle, heehee.