Friday, April 9, 2010

Signs of Spring

Happy Friday Friends,
we made it,
thank goodness.

Our weather here in
southwestern MT is
quite volatile at this point,
including rain, snow, graupel,
sleet, warm sun,
and everything in between,
and that may be all in the same day.
There are however,
signs of spring.

Pretty crocus.

My tulips which were grazed
and we live in town, mind you!
These deer are smart,
they have eaten my tulips
for consecutive years.
But, if you notice,
they did their chomping prior
to blooming and I will still get a flower.
Oh goody.

Our groomed moss.

Hyacinth spreading their wings.

Fuzzy poppy.

Hens and Chicks
still red from the winter.

The deer muched these too.

Here are some fresh smithings
from Wednesday and Thurday nights.
I am gearing up for the Women's Expo
here in Bozeman.

My fingers hurt.

freshwater pearl, turquoise,
MT chalcedony, sterling, gold, and kyanite

Bangle Off
and a happy fat band.

The shop may be a little slow with regard
to listing until after the
Expo is over.
But the unsold goodies will
be put in the shop.

Enjoy the weekend!

1 comment:

Kneester said...

Glad to see Missoula isn't the only place in MT that is starting to green up. I wondered what the snow sitch was in town/bozeman.

I'm pissed at myself that I never made it over this winter to ski. Kids, work and weather.....excuses. Tell Scott hello!