Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bikini or Bust

Remember I said we have to earn our turns?
For me to ski this time of year,
it has to be sunny.
A bikini helps,
and my Husband is
very supportive of this,
go figure!

So we took our dog and Luca for
a quick-ski (new word I invented this year)
at Bridger last weekend.
We still have plenty of snow
and the weather has
provided us with wonderful
springlike weather.

Danger, avalanche conditions may exist.

Happy Fletchers!


And then we went out with friends for dinner and cocktails
on Saturday night.

Karen, Scooter, Me, Jess, John

Hey Ladies!
Cheryl, Jess, Robyn, Me and Karen

And then to top it all off,
we could almost drive all the way to the cabin
on Sunday.
We chopped wood,
basked in the sun,
and had a picnic.

I have been feverishly smithing
to up my inventory for the Womens' Expo
on Saturday, 4.24.10
This means...
sore fingers,
late nights,
very little sleep,
and stones.
I will give you a preview before I go.

Talk soon and be well,

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