Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fletcher's Merry Best Christmas

We are wishing you and
your loved ones the very best.

We had the best Christmas ever
and are feeling very content
that we stayed home....
or more importantly
that we skiied into the cabin on
Christmas Eve.

We have to ski in a mile, and all
items have to be schlepped in,
so we decieded on stocking stuffers
(aka backpack stuffers).

Gram Dulcia's Oyster Stew
sooo delicious
w/ red wine

Chocolates and Warm Fires

Oh this chocolate!
I am so addicted.
It is a local shop here
that handmakes decadent sweets.
Check out their shop.

Chillin' by the Fire

Jazz Hands
with the new Christmas
X-Country Gloves!


We swear that there is a
time warp at
Stone Creek Haven.

Stone Creek is still flowing.
We drank from its
slushy waters this trip.

Snow Crystal Feathers
(I am in love)

There you have it, we spent two splendid nights.
When we weren't enjoying our cooking
or sipping cocktails,
we toured on our x-country skis,
chopped wood,
shoveled snow,
and kept warm.
We absolutely love it at the cabin
and wonder when we will wake
up from our dream.
It truly is a Stone Creek Haven.

We did have the
Merry Best Oyster Christmas Ever!

Season's Greetings,
Bisquit and Scooter


mme. bookling said...

amazing pictures!!!

UmberDove said...

OH! That sounds so good! All of it really, skiing in especially. AND loves those gloves!