Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shop Update

Good evening to you all, I am sleepy but happy as can be. My two trunk shows were a total success last week. I ended up selling quite a few pieces and had just a joyous time while doing so. Whether going to shows or hosting them here at our house, I love to gather around new and old friends for a visit while enjoying tasty tidbits, nibbles or bubbly AND discussing jewelry. These are so many of my favorites. Oh yes, the holidays do soften me up around the edges. Thank you to everyone who visited and supported me!
I also completed two custom orders, of late, and the new owners were very pleased. Custom work is such a treat and it does test me when pushing my skills to the next level. Thanks Kate, you are kind and I miss you. The other custom pieces I will just show you the back of, below, as to not blow the cover on the gig. I am thrilled how these pieces turned out, so when the gig is up, I will show you the fronts of the suprise rings! These pieces have been in the works for more than a month and having them finished is creating a 3 day feeling of elation. I am really thrilled with my craftswomanship and am in awe of just the weight of the pieces.

The Christmas Tree is up, the pressure is off of me for metalshithing, and I could't be more tickled pink that things feel to be slowing a bit. It maybe just for a day, but that would be nice. We have been excessively busy since mid November. With our travelling mostly done, I am happy to be home for the holidays.

Be well,
xoxox Bizzle Fo Shizzle

Here is some new work for the shop, and I will get it all posted by tomorrow....slow and steady.

Sterling and Turqoise

Sterling and Pearl

Turquoise, Stering, Topaz, and Rose Gold

Friends of a Feather: Rings featuring Feathers
Lower Left: Turquoise Ring shown above
Upper and Right: Custom Orders, no peeking!

Sterling and Blue Quartz

Patterned Square Bangle

Pearl, Sterling, and Czech Crystals

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver and Czech Crystals

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The Little Fox said...

my, your work is absolutely stunning! I am seriously impressed! (and swooning over it!)