Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Luge Course and Other Holiday Cheer

Good day to you friends!
Here are some past weekend
festivites that I have to share.

First, the Bad Sweater Party:

Thanks for inviting us Kelly and John,
we had a blast!

Kristy, Jess and Dan

Ilida and Qui
(not responsible for spelling)

Hubby and I

Frank and Shaw

And now to the LUGE COURSE:
We have been building a Luge Course for our
sledding enjoyment, including banked turns,
at Stone Creek Haven.
All this snow shoveling and tom foolery
is in preparation for our
New Year's Eve Sledding Extravaganza.

As you can see from the following pics,
it is a blast.
Oh how I love to sled,
it brings me back to carefree days of childhood.

You can now sled from the cabin stairs
to the end of the driveway,
if you have the skills?


Moose skat

Scott and Jess
(carnage but still giggling)

(haulin' booty and takin' the bank)


What a fun day we had,
thanks friends.

In other urelated news, I am now hummbled.
While in the driveway this morning I took a spill.
As my Gram would put it I went,
"a## over teacup".
You know when both feet come off the ground
and you land flat on your back like the cartoons,
well that was me.
Please snicker if you may, I did :)
I am okay, thanks.
I think that is God's way of helping me
check myself before I wreck myself.

Happy Holiday,
Cheery Bisquit

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