Friday, December 11, 2009

I am grateful for my friends!

The Trunk Show at our house was a success!
I am truly grateful today,
and it all because of the
stunning support shown
by my friends.
Thanks especially to:
Kelly and Kaden
And thanks to those that let me know they had other plans :)

I truly do appreciate your looking after my
creations and finding a home for them.
But more importantly, I really enjoyed
sipping cocktails and eating snacks
with you,
even if it were only for a bit,
I loved it.

I know I have been super busy,
so I want to say:
I love you all!

I have been smithing this morning to gather
a few more goodies for the show at
Fusion Salon in Bozeman on Saturday.
Stop by if you can make it.

And I have more:
Absolute Boston Cranberry Mojitos
Hot Spiced Wine
and Crab Puffs.
Do come over for happy hour if you will.
Hubby and I will be home about 5:30pm,
for we are off to acquire our ski passes and
do a bit of sooshing.
My skis are still new from last year
and I almost forgot they were pink.

Brimming with glee
Bisquit Can Ski


CarolynArtist said...

Wow that is a really nice show set up! Congrats on it going so well! Mmm the goodies sound good and the shiny pieces lovely!!!

Nancy*McKay said...

...silver...stones...friends & mojitos...MY kind of home show...