Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Cat's Out of the Bag

Yes, Folks, the gig is up.
Jen and Jeremy are engaged to be married!
They are good friends and a great couple,
You will now both enjoy the beginnings
of marital bliss.
Oh goody,
it does come in so many forms.

Jeremy commissioned a custom
engagement ring.
Together we brainstormed ideas,
taking into consideration Jen's taste
in jewelry.
I already know what she likes,
she has quite a little
Bisquit collection.
So I began with sketches and ideas
in mid-November.

Jeremy picked out two initially,
but when Jen found there were
three to be had,
Jen had to have them all.
What a peach she is.
The stress and work was difficult,
I had to up my skills for an engagement ring,
but the results are sweet.
Thank you both for appreciating them
and giving them all three a home.
I am flattered and humbled.
Thank you times 1000!

Three Feathered Friends:
Rings featuring feathers
along with Turquoise, White Topaz,
Agate Drusy, and Sterling

Here's the love birds now!

Thanks you so much,
I am tickled pink.

Tonight we are headed to a bad sweater
Christmas party, I will definitely have some pictures.

Merry Christmas,
Kristin Lee

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Nancy*McKay said...

...ALL...of the above are...BEAUTIFUL...congrats & GREAT work!